John Robinson Presents “Rhythms, Jazz and Politics” Beat Tape

John Robinson is best known as Lil Sci from the group Scienz of Life. While he’s known for his lyrical prowess, Robinson has been beat making since the late 90s more as a creative outlet when he wasn’t writing or planning the next business move. J.R. has evolved putting out numerous projects. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him perform and captivate the audience with his dynamic bars and stage presence, which is so compelling. J.R has a personality and vibe that is rare in this ever-changing industry. I’m glad he has thrown his producers cap on for this latest installment.

On August 24th, J.R. releases his latest Instrumental beat tape titled Rhythms, Jazz and Politics. It is an eclectic blend of music and hip hop culture fused for a unique sound. You can hear the boom bap with nuances of jazz and soul that create an audible ecstasy. The beats told stories to my soul. It definitely reflects the volatile times we as a people are coping with as we battle injustice, racial divide, political turmoil, and chaos worldwide . The music speaks to me on many levels because there were also beats that evoked feelings of hope, empowerment and pride. It’s refreshing to hear beats that embody authentic feeling and deep meaning. I love to classify this as abstract hip hop because only refined listeners can grasp the concepts. It’s not cliché music. It’s thought-provoking.

J.R used riveting samples from the Jazz era of the 1970’s and foreign rare samples. The sound is soulful. And in my opinion, reminiscent of early A Tribe Called Quest but with a unique flair of its own. Get ya headphones and embark on this remarkable beat journey. The experience is one that will resonate with your soul. It’s great to have a body of work this powerful and meaningful. Rhythms, Jazz and Politics is a gem for the hip hop culture and it reflects the crazy world we live in today.

“Beats are my therapy.” J.R. replied when asked about his creative beat making process. “We thank you for being in tune with our journey. Listen with an open heart and mind and we hope to inspire the inner you. “

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all other major streaming platforms on 8/24

Pre-order “Rhythms, Jazz and Politics” Here