Hermit and the Recluse Release their Debut Project “Orpheus vs. the Sirens”

Brooklyn rap veteran Ka teamed up with producer Animoss for his 6th project titled Orpheus vs. the Sirens. It’s a fully collaborative project as it is presented as Hermit and the Recluse, as opposed to just Ka getting top billing.

The 10 track project follows Ka’s conceptual themes. If you recall his last release Honor Killed the Samurai followed the life of a samurai mixed with street analogies, but on this project, he dives deep into Greco-Roman mythology. He pairs ancient mythical characters such as Hydra, Medusa, Minotaur with a focus on the central character Orpheus alongside present-day situations. Ka may have taken a break, but he hasn’t lost his edge as he paints vivid street stories that are both gripping and enlightening.

On the musical side of things, Animoss crafts the perfect cinematic backdrop that helps enhance Ka’s sombre tales. There are so many gems to pick up on this one. All dopeness and no fillers, but here are some joints to whet your appetite — “Sirens”, “Golden Fleece”, “Orpheus”, “Oedipus”.

Watch the animated video for “Sirens”

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