Chyna Streetz Debuts Her “Weird Girl Antics” EP

Chyna Streetz, an artist from the Bad Influeynce label, has dropped her first EP, Weird Girl Antics. If you’re familiar with the label or with Rome Streetz, you will recognize her affiliation. From NY, Chyna is an artist who stands on her own and is out to create a path for herself with or without help. The EP has 6 tracks and although it’s her first major project, Chyna isn’t new to rapping.

I got to see Chyna do a quick set at a show in Jersey mid July, and she had amazing stage presence and delivery. I heard a bunch of people at the show asking who she was and complimenting her after they saw her do her thing. Chyna is an artist who doesn’t care for stereotypical gender labels such as “female” rapper. When she was on the mic, she was killing it just as well as her male counterparts, and that’s what should matter. She’s been rapping for about half of her life, so she’s been working on taking it to the next level for some time now, and she’s on her way.

There was a variety of beats and sounds on this project. Some were slower and low tempo, while other tracks had her spitting raw hard lyrics that showcased her versatility and abilities. My 2 favorite tracks from the EP were “Witches Brew” and “Liquid Sunshine”. She touched on some social issues, such as police brutality on “Liquid Sunshine”. I really liked the beats and she’s had some catchy lines in each track:

“Could have been a vixen but I’d rather be a villain”

“Hold down my own fort, manifest control my own thoughts”

“It’s all about respect cuz I don’t understand debt”

“Got Teflon for a spine, y’all hoes got scoliosis”

Chyna Streetz represents and speaks for women, but also proves that she is so much more than just that. She’s got sex appeal, yet she’s tough and holds her own.  There is a video out for “Witches Brew”, which you can check out below. The EP is currently available at her bandcamp page both in digital and CD format. Chyna will also be dropping a full length project called Queen Chy, coming soon.

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Watch “Witches Brew” Here