MC-Producer Pair Homeboy Sandman & Edan Release 1st Video “Grim Seasons” Off Their Forthcoming Album

New York Rapper Homeboy Sandman and producer Edan convened for a full album titled Humble Pi, scheduled for release October 26. The first push off the album is “Grim Seasons”, an animated video about the mind trapping effects of Mother Nature.



This Emcee-Producer pair continue to co-exist musically in a spellbinding class of their own. Sandman rhymes in Grim Reaper mode spewing gritty lyrics that he’s marvelously known for, while Edan plays out mind-altering Sci-Fi sounds tapped into magnetic Hip Hop beats.

Sandman and Edan are pure genius to create the perfect blend of euphoric gloom setting a tone for the ominous “Grim Seasons”.  Listeners just might regard Mother Nature with a more eccentric sentiment, watch below.

Homeboy Sandman & Edan “Grim Seasons” Video

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