Exclusive: Listen to Exclusive Recognize Ali Track Off “The Outlawed” LP & Watch Latest “Mug Shots” Video

Halfway through the year, tons of emcees are hungry and have been dropping ill projects like crazy. And they will continue to throughout the rest of the year. One of those is Ghana’s representative, Recognize Ali, who has been making noise in this current underground wave the past couple of years. He has recently dropped a new music video for “Mug Shots”, a joint off of his latest album, The Outlawed. Just under a minute and some change long, “Mug Shots” is hard as hell! Rec fires off and leaves the smoke still blowing in the wind. Anyone can get it as Rec Ali goes in lyrically over a sickening beat with an infectious horn. Man, don’t even get me started!

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The video was shot by Juze in Johannesburg and directed by Rec Ali himself, with some editing by Smith Video Production. The video scenes — no crews, no extras, just Rec, are simple, as well as the color visuals, which I didn’t mind because it allowed me to focus on the lyrics and the beat. We have Frank Grimes to thank for the insane production. I didn’t want the track to end, I wanted to hear more, but at the same time, so much heat was coming out of those bars he served us with. At the end of it, I sat there thinking, “Damn, dude is a problem”, and proceeded to play it again.

I first heard of Recognize Ali around late September of 2016 when he dropped Too Visible to See with Sultan Mir. I loved it and played the hell out of it for about 2-3 weeks. You may have also heard his album Allah’s Favorite with DJ TMB. Or Back 2 Mecca with Giallo Point. He’s worked with Planet Asia, King Magnetic, Smoovth, C Rayz Walz, Ty Farris, Vic Spencer, Farma Beats, Vinnie Paz, Estee Nack and the list goes on.

Rec came out with God’s Vision in March of this year, and now he’s about to drop The Outlawed LP on August 26th. While he’s still fairly new, people who have been following his career know Rec doesn’t disappoint and he’s got so much more in store for us as he progresses. He bodies tracks when he spits with his wicked wordplay and on flawless cadences over any type of beat. Feel free to visit some of Rec’s previous releases if you haven’t already heard of him. You won’t be disappointed. For those who are already loyal fans, keep showing support and be sure to put your orders in.

Watch Recognize Ali’s “Mug Shots” Video

EXCLUSIVE: Without furthur ado, listen to “Kamikaze” featuring Estee Nack (Produced By Farma Beats)

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