“9 Lives” A New Rensday Installment From Our Favorite Ginger, Ren Thomas

Our favorite Ginger Ren Thomas is back for this week’s installment of Rensday with “9 Lives”, produced by DJ Malefactor. The record emanates a 90’s feel-good vibe for listeners with riveting lyrics.


“9 Lives” is a track celebrating life, a winning team, and of course worthwhile hangovers along the way. The Irish Freestyle King is known for referencing his “team” in the majority of his records and humbly toasting bottles on the same streets he came up from. Each one of his “9 Lives” reveal snippets of his rise to fame.

“Red cup in the sky while the sun gleam whole team celebrating life cause we run things…Let the bullshit fly by live like we got 9 lives”

Stream “9 Lives” below