Tragedy Khadafi & BP Clash for a Titanic Emcee/Producer Collaboration

The rapper-producer duo has spawned some of the genre’s greatest works over the years. From Gang Starr to Madvillain and everyone in between, Hip-Hop is often at its best when being crafted by two like-minded individuals whose chemistry is undeniably organic. Enter Immortal Titans, an immensely satisfying collaborative album from Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khadafi and bubbling Amityville producer BP.

“Sometimes, artistic chemistry could take days, weeks, months, or even years to develop, but with BP it was off top,” Trag says of creating IT with the producer. “What started as a single, went on to an EP and ultimately a full-length album. An album I’m extremely excited about—I’m feeling like a young Trag spawned from the Juice Crew.”

The rapper’s excitement is palpable throughout the album’s 14 tracks. They include standout singles such as the neck-breaking “Upper Echelon” and the epic saga of “Story Never Told” that chronicles Trag and Marley Marl’s falling out. Other highlights include the lyrical showcase of “4 Her” and the more reflective and thoughtful “The Great Escape,” which includes quotables like, “Don’t let the world take you alive.”

Of course, IT wouldn’t be as gripping without BP’s dusty soundscapes that bump and rattle beneath Trag’s powerful vocals. And for the producer, working with this legendary emcee was an absolute honor. “Without Tragedy, most of what we refer to as ‘QB rap’ wouldn’t exist,” BP says. “I have listened to him more than any artist I’ve ever worked with.”

As BP tells it, Immortal Titans was destined to happen. Here’s hoping it’s just the start of their work together, because they’ve already got something special on their hands.

Immortal Titans boasts guest appearances from Nature, Apathy, SmooVth, Rosewood, Hus Kingpin, Ali Vegas and more, and is set to drop on August 17th via Common Virtue Records.

Stream “Story Never Told” Here:


01. Earth Distributors
02. Immortal Titans
03. F#@% How They Feel (feat. Nature)
04. Upper Echelon
05. Prime Time
06. Mastermind (feat. Apathy & DJ Stitches)
07. 4 Her
08. Renoir Repertoire (feat. SmooVth, Rosewood & Hus Kingpin)
09. Talk to ‘Em
10. Story Never Told
11. The World Is Mine (feat. Ali Vegas)
12. Slow Motion
13. The Great Escape
14. Steady Rising
*Vinyl format only includes tracks 1-11

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