Hip Hop’s Favorite Ginger, Ren Thomas, Presents New #Rensday Music “Hypocrite”

Ren Thomas is back this week for #Rensday with his new single “Hypocrite” produced by Father Focus Confucius.


It can be said that Ren is responsible for putting Jersey Indie Hip Hop on the map, and with his weekly #Rensday installments he just might be the Chris Rivers of Jersey! Ren has a style and flow that can’t be imitated or mirrored.  Hands down, he evokes sudden reservation in emcees that trail his verse or performance.

His new single of the week, “Hypocrite” is one of the realest, self-dig records heard in quite some time. Ren’s roast is extremely honest with an unyielding, intense delivery.

“The worst of the worst, scum of the Earth, since the nurses pulled me down I’ve been covered in dirt”

Each bar is an exposed contradiction to the next such as “Egomaniac that hates himself”, “I love my mom but hate bit**s”, and “one of the laziest people ever but stay working”. One thing to be said, Ren’s lyrical stamina, talent, and confidence ranks superior to major artists and even in the realm of mainstream.


Stream “Hypocrite” below