Chris Orrick Releases “Self-Portait” Video

Introspective writer and musician Chris Orrick recently released his album Portraits – twelve snapshots of life focused on identity. The album opener, “Self-Portrait”, observes that when trying to paint a portrait it never looks right if you force it. So following his own advice, Chris offers a relaxed take on everything that makes him up. From insecurity to overeating, from inner beauty to spending habits, Orrick dissects himself with surgeon-like precision and a poet’s eye. The track, produced by Nolan The Ninja, is a fitting scene setter for the album. Today, Chris unveils the MildWest produced visual companion.

Here are a few words from Director Malcolm Critcher describing the visuals:

“This project was comprised from 2 days of filming, and 4 months of post-production. Every single collage you see was handmade, scanned, and edited into the project. One collage per frame, 24 collages per second. From vintage playboys to the junk mail I got each day in my mailbox, I wanted to create a moving tableau of how we are sold to as Americans, how we see ourselves, and how we see each other”.

Stream/Buy “Portraits” below