Pick Your Poison As Rome Streetz & Farma Beats Drop “Street Farmacy” Album

Rome Streetz has dropped a new album, Street Farmacy. Rome goes hard lyrically on 12 tracks of fire with this project. Farma Beats, from London did the production, hence the album name. The album has a variety of sounds, and when I listen to the lyrics, it literally has the theme of the title, even the track names. Rome continues to shine and he’s one of the illest in this newer wave of Hip Hop. 


“Nasal Drip”, the first track and also one of my top 3 from this album, was a strong solid joint to start off. It’s got a rock/grungy type beat to it and I had the privilege of seeing Rome perform this song in Jersey. “Free the cages of my niggas biddin grippin razors / now I’m rippin stages used to raise gauges / Robbin wages mobbin keepin narcotics in different flavors”. The bars on here were just crazy and it sounded even better live. I really like what they did here, Rome on the lyrical tip, and what Farma came up with on the beat. This track will get you hyped. 

“Kobra Klutch”, was a track with a lighter beat, the whole time you wait anticipating a bass drop, but it never does but that approached worked well here. This track has an accompanying video and features Mooch and Rigz. “You ain’t a threat you the stain on a cashmere sweater”.

“Crime Scene” is a very deep track that really gets you thinking, with a beat to match the mood. I loved this one a lot and the lyrics are sad but very relatable to a lot of people:

“I wonder how a person who die for nothing would feel / They ghost looking down on their body like this shit real? / Swear the haunted souls of the niggas that got them killed/Do they play the passenger and let Jesus take the wheel”.

“I wonder if there’s life after or is it pitch black / Your heart rate go flat there’s nothing left after that / Just another corpse laid out in chalk / I’m in deep thought need a spliff to shake it off”. 

“Wickedest Ting” featuring Daniel Son was another favorite of mine. Rome and Daniel kill it on each of their verses and a video produced by Mercenary, (who is the man at what he does by the way), is scheduled to be released soon. “Peace to my dude Rome Streetz we in the streets roamin”. 

Rome has everything in him to keep him staying afloat on this boat of success. He’s got something great going here and has a lot to keep you satisfied without everything sounding repetitive. Even with the theme and artwork style, there’s a diverse variety of beats. More artists nowadays are reaching out to  producers internationally and for the most part, it’s a smart move and this album is an example of that. If you haven’t already, go grab this album and go listen to it immediately. 

Stream/Buy “Street Farmacy” below