Frank Nitt Drops “Cuz I’m Black” Featuring Kaleb Simmonds

Underground hip hop stalwart Frank Nitt is set to return July 20th with a new set of tracks aptly titled Traveling Salesman.

Setting the tone for Frank Nitt’s Summer ‘18 return is “Cuz I’m Black,” featuring Canadian Idol standout Kaleb Simmonds, the first single from his new album Traveling Salesman. This track is a view into the reality of the everyday struggle of being a Black man in this world.

With lines like “I’m still tryin’ to figure out / what u clutching your purse for”, and “I am not a felon / but I got some balls / u can clutch those,Frank makes his mission plain to see.

Accompanied by the hard hitting drums and bass provided by Jay Vernon, and the melodic and uplifting vocals from Kaleb, “Cuz I’m Black” is sure to be a head nodding thought provoking summer banger.

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