Famed Hip Hop Artist, Napoleon Da Legend, Discusses His Eye-Awakening Music & More (Interview)

This is MJ with Weekly Rap Gods, the number one media site for the dopest Hip Hop, classic Hip Hop, and Boom Bap! Joining me is a very special guest, one of which I’ve had the honor of interviewing quite a few times. Some might consider him the Malcom X or MLK Jr of Hip Hop. I refer to him as Hip Hop God! Napoleon Da Legend has been holding down Hip Hop for countless years and continues to make an esoteric impact, especially in New York and internationally. His lengthy music catalog and stage performances feature other major artists, such as the late great Sean Price (RIP), DJ Doom, Mobb Deep, DJ Premier, and more. His face can be seen on Fox 5 News Good Day, Revolt TV, Sway in the Morning, and that’s just to name a few. Napoleon Da Legend, welcome and thank you for taking time away from the studio and touring to chop it up with us here at WRG.

Napoleon Da Legend


I want to thank you again for taking the time out for us here at WRG. I want to also thank you for being real in a world of so much cover up! You have claimed your stake in Hip Hop and the world is forever grateful. You have a genuine and natural gift for bringing life to your lyrics, 3D version. The impressions you leave after each performance is both timeless, priceless, and could never be mimicked. To all of our listeners and fans out there, please visit www.Napoleondalegend.com for a complete catalog of music, merchandise, tour info, and more. Be sure to follow the legend on all Social Media platforms: @TeamNDL

Stream/Buy his latest “Steal This Mixtape 4” project