The New DJ Skizz EP is “High Powered”

The multi-talented DJ Skizz has been doing his thing for a few years now. He’s been putting in quality work, both as a producer and a DJ. Everyone in the world of Hip Hop has heard his name and projects, whether it’s a collaboration or solo project. He’s friends with and worked with some of the illest producers, and a very impressive roster of top emcees. He just dropped another gem on us with his brand new High Powered EP.

Watch “Wild Cats” the first video off the EP featuring Milano Constantine & NEMS

I’m not sure whether or not Skizz had a strategy or formula planned when he put this EP together, but either way it worked! It seems that the beats on every single track were perfectly tailored to fit the artist(s) who spit bars over them. We all know that not all beats work are meant for just any and every artist. But with all the tracks on this EP, the seeming customized production gave each artist the ability to standout in their own way. There’s some mellow beats that fit the delivery of certain individuals, and there’s some heavy hitting glory as well for the emcees that have a known grimy approach.

All tracks had multiple emcees on it except for one. First up, Saga and Ty Farris did their thing on the opening track “Nothing New in America”, and a lot of people are going to love the track “Dead Wrong” which features Freeway, Conway and Westside Gunn. Lil Fame of M.O.P. and Vinnie Paz were some other familiar artists included in this project. I loved the whole EP, but have my own top 3 personal favorites: “Perfect Storm”, “Highlander” and “Wild Cats”.


“Perfect Storm” is a track that features Willie the Kid, Planet Asia and Crimeapple on it (I know right?), with some dope cuts from Skizz. I enjoyed all 3 verses, but I must say, I was really impressed with Crimeapple. You know I’m really digging joints when I purposely keep rewinding it to hear the words over and over again to let it marinate:

“Kevin Bacon lurkin not a care at all/I really started from the bottom and don’t plan to fall/I was carving stones like a Neanderthal/Pigs want me in the can like an aerosol”. He continued with “I brought the loud and the Hennessy/I’ll barbecue any rapper over any beat/I’m just competing with myself, multiplicity/The rest of y’all dead like chivalry…”

He really did his thing and his delivery was great here.

Rozewood was on the only solo track, “Highlander”. Remember how I said the beats seemed tailored to fit the artist? This was another great example of that.

“I’m not a violent man but I’m kinda blackhearted/Beat ’em down choke em out my nigga ran his pockets/ but yo it’s gotta be a better way to make a profit, I hate the feeling when I’m sleepin in my guilty conscience…” 

The beat was simply infectious and catchy, but at just the right amount to let him shine verbally.

And lastly, which in my honest opinion is arguably the hardest track, or at least the track with the hardest verses on this EP, is “Wild Cats” featuring Milano Constantine and NEMS. Oh my, when I heard their verses, I was literally thinking “yes these are some wild cats, especially NEMS”, who always keeps it gully and grimy. He just kills it lyrically and has crazy bars challenging anyone to step up and say something. Some memorable lines:

  • “I know what you about son, had to sign a 360 deal to get that chain I did it without one…”
  • “Every bar delivered with bad intent/ every beat I spaz and flip/around my neck’s a half a brick…”
  • “Listen close cuz every verse got 100 facts/Every piece of jewelry I own comes with a gun of tax…”

He ends his verse with the illest line: “Spittin fire all year round I pulled the summer back” I sat there rewinding it again and again like “Daaaaamn”. Straight bodied it.

This is a very well put together EP from start to finish. Skizz doesn’t disappoint with the production and beats, and the emcees he had on here were solid. He cleverly pulled a combination of older veterans in the game, along with the newer wave as well. You have Freeway, members of the Griselda crew, the head of the Gold Chain Military, an Army of the Pharoahs member, what more can you ask for? This is another great project for Skizz to add to his already amazing catalog. Physical vinyl copies will be available in late July, courtesy of, but for now it is available digitally on