Maino Releases New Tribute Single “Could’ve Been My Son” #JusticeForJunior

Maino releases a new single titled “Could’ve Been My Son” featuring Lyrivelli. The record is in tribute to a young teen who was tragically murdered for the world to witness.

Maino, who ‘s been coined as the emcee bringing Hip Hop new life, pours every ounce of his soul onto this record. “Could’ve Been My Son” can be dubbed as a Dear God letter as he expresses how at any given moment our children can be laying lifeless on bloody stained concrete.

“We trapped in a circle of violence forever spinning…”

In light of his countless records talking about violence, this record speaks to our youth about losing life,  covering graves instead of sending off to college, and grieving families.  The emotions exuded from Maino’s lyrical deliverance over a selection of celestial beats, is sure to leave an imprint from borough to borough across the globe.

Listen to “Could’ve Been My Son” below