Prince Wiser Speaks to the “Lost Boyz N’ The War Zone”

Bronx emcee Prince Wiser takes some time to speak on various issues affecting the lives of minorities. The record in question titled “Lost Boyz N’ The War Zone” dives into different relatable situations where the environment is similar to a war zone and to make things worst the negative mentality some of the kids adapt to get by.

Teaming up with producer Sean Taylor, who gifts the emcee with a laid-back, soulful soundscape that exudes a sense of sadness, Prince Wiser doesn’t hold back punches as he aims to keep shedding the light for those lost boys caught in the war zone.

The song as Prince Wiser puts it is: “In memory of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin & all whom we’ve lost to police brutality and ALL injustice done to black people, MY PEOPLE because of our heritage.”