The Infamous Queensbridge Duo, Mobb Deep, Returns with “Boom Goes the Cannon”

For two decades, Mobb Deep solidified themselves as not only legends in Queensbridge but in hip hop history. From back and forths with 2Pac and Jay-Z to classic anthems like “Quiet Storm“, “Survival of the Fittest” and the monstrous “Shook Ones”. Unfortunately Prodigy passed away last year. But before his departure he and Havoc made sure they left us music that will remind us of their greatness.

“Boom Goes the Cannon” is a Hamilton-inspired track. Over a grimy organ you can feel Havoc’s pain spitting about his partner in crime with these bars:

“We grew up in the slums, broke bread together,
When worse came to worse, rolled out the weather,
Have faith, knew it couldn’t be this bad forever,
And once the sun shined, it could only get better,
Birds of a feather, we goin’ the same places…”

Havoc then ends the verse with:

“We took a oath to keep the name afloat,
We Infamous forever, homie, the ultimate G.O.A.T.S…”

You can hear his love for P was beyond rhymes and beats.

Personally as a huge Mobb Deep fan, I find it hard to listen to new prodigy material. Not because it’s wack. But because it’s a reminder that Prodigy is no longer here in the physical form. He reminds us why we all loved to hear those bars over a bone chilling delivery. You can tell he was definitely the same P but more mature. The young cat who once said “I don’t back down easy” and “you can get shot, stabbed, or knuckled down” turned around and said:

He want to fight, he got the hunger,
Yeah, I was just like him when I was younger,
Head full of fantasies of dying like a martyr, but look,
Dying is easy young man, livin’ is harder,
There’s gonna be pools of blood in New York Harbor,

If you’re looking for that classic 1996 Mobb Deep, this is not it. But if you’re a die hard Mobb fan, this is the right up your alley.