Philly Freeway Is Back like He Left Something with “Intro”

Philly Freeway is back! The hip hop vet has been on quite the hiatus. It was worth the wait. He just dropped a new project titled Think Free. The visuals for the track “Intro”  premiered.

The black and white video depicts the typical adversity black people are dealing with. In the video, one scene shows young black boys trying to outrun the police. These struggles often lead to our youth being killed or incarcerated. Freeway is in a car riding through the hood as he recalls his days of selling drugs and mischief. He urges listeners to stay out of the streets and change their ways in his lyrics. The message is powerful and one that needs to be pushed more often.

Artists often glorify street life, so it’s refreshing to see the ones with positive narratives.  There are other ways to make a living without dire consequences. I’ve always loved the Philly native’s style and delivery. Let’s not forget the ill production. This was signature Freeway! There’s something about him that resonates with me. He has so much passion in his voice and his music. 

The video for “Intro” is dope and relevant to current issues in our communities. Click the link below to check it out!

Freeway’s Think Free LP is available on all streaming platforms now.


“All Falls Down” is out now! Buy/Stream: