Take a Hit of The Opioid Era’s “Next Level Potent”

Over the past 6 months, the Virginia collective of King Kong Gotcha, Ambassador Rick, and Grunge Gallardo have released the singles “Triple Threat”, “All for the Cash”, and “Half a Mil”, all leading up to their upcoming self-titled summer heater release, The Opioid Era. They bring us a step closer to the aforementioned release with their latest offering, “Next Level Potent”. The 3 MC’s trade bars over a classic DJ Premier track, initially rocked by Showbiz & A.G‘s 1994 hit “Next Level”.

The visuals conceptualized in the black and white video footage add to the grittiness of the track, while simultaneously bringing light to the growing epidemic of opioid addiction. Images of opioid addicted fiends are juxtaposed between verses by each member.

Peeling back, yet another layer of the of the video, we find an underlying social commentary. Wherein, we see Black men born out of the culture of Hip-Hop, and the epidemic that affected mostly Black and Brown people of the “Crack Era” recording under the name of the CURRENT drug that is affecting mostly non-whites as the The Opioid Era. I don’t know. Maybe it’s me overthinking it. LOL! But if this is in fact the intent of the artist, I truly anticipate more of the raw, in both lyrics and commentary, and commend them for putting the effort forth to add depth to their creation. It’s moments like these that are “Making Hip-Hip Great Again”.

Subliminal commentary or not, the track is a banger, worthy of “repeat track” status.

Watch the video for “Next Level Potent”