DJ Muggs, MF DOOM & Freddie Gibbs Rain Hell on “Death Wish”

DJ Muggs is highly underrated in my books. The west coast producer may not have much shine in the limelight as some of his peers, but he is highly revered in the underground scene.

I am not sure where I first got a hint of this new collaboration with DOOM, but the anticipation for a new DOOM hemmed project definitely got me hooked. And when this joint dropped, y’all knew we had to get it up to the masses ASAP. Pairing these two together is not far-fetched. Muggs is known for those dirty, cinematic backdrops, and well DOOM is DOOM on anything you put him on.

The song “Death Wish” is dark, mellow and gives room for DOOM‘s unbridled lyrical assault, and somewhat too laid back approach. Regardless he still got some solid lines in, such as “…Must be too strong for tugging spirits/Guess, everything’s fair in love and lust and lyrics…”. Freddie Gibbs, on the other hand, comes through with his usual braggadocio and machine gun flow to wrap things up. No hooks. No gimmicks. Just pure untethered hardcore raps.

“Death Wish” is the new single from the DJ Muggs& MF Doom project MUGGS X DOOM. Get the Limited edition deluxe double vinyl HERE