Frank Knight’s “Because I’m Black” is a Powerful Track and a Must Listen

“Because I’m Black” is a record that socially active Hip-Hop artist Frank Knight was inspired to create, due to the many events that have transpired against blacks over the course of history. This record is deeper than just those who are ‘Black In America’, but black worldwide.

Frank‘s voice over the soulful Syl Johnson classic “Because I’m Black”, is one that conveys strong conviction and passion throughout the record. This song journeys through the mysterious question that has many answers and responses, but still is constantly asked, which is; “is it because I’m black?” Which is a question pondered, through-out life and this record. Now please walk with Knizza on this journey rich black lineage exposing knowledge to all generations.

Notable Quotables:

Young talented princes who robbed of gaining kingship/
Delivered by Jesus the first slave trade Queen’s ship

We been emasculated, aggravated shaded and castrated/
Not just Europeans but even Arabs slave traded

My monster energy got my eyes red and tired of the bull too/
Family locked in max, boxed with more numbers than Sudoku/
These cocoa skinned babies eyes puff now they cuckoo