Superbad Solace Is the “Sol Controller” on His Debut EP

Superbad Solace, one half of the duo Timeless Truth, has released his first solo project — an EP called Sol Controller. The Queens native, along with his brother Oprime39, had dropped projects such as Cold Wave, Dominican Diner, Brugal & Presidentes, and Rock-It Science. Timeless Truth collaborated with a lot of talent such as Roc Marciano, Spit Gemz, Meyhem Lauren, and Sean Price (RIP) over the years.

“Sol Controller” (Artwork)

On this EP, Superbad Solace shines on his own with no guest features. The entire project was produced by Mono En Stereo. It is a very mellow, classic old school sound. It’s got such a chill vibe to it and is quite impressive for SS’s first solo effort. 

My favorite track on here is “Patina”, which samples Patrice Rushen’s song “Remind Me”. His voice is so smooth, effortless in a sense. “Rock my family crest with the gold crown / Six feet underground’s when I’ll slow down” and stays consistent with the flow as he continues on the chorus: “This for the dreamers/Pushing beamers / Old soul rock a Rolie with patina”. Listen to it and you’ll see what I mean. 

Another favorite of mine is “A Brand You Can Trust”. Again, there’s such a distinct smoothness to his voice and delivery.

“Burgundy joint with the wood panel laminate / Couldn’t fathom all the flavors in my cabinet / Tipsy off the brugal so now i’m cabbin’ it / Up state where i’m known to keep a cabin lit”

Once I get to the last track, I want to hear more. I hit replay and listen to the whole thing all over again to make sure I get a thorough, full experience out of it. The mellow theme, samples, and lack of guest appearances captures SS’s talent as an individual artist on this debut.

The EP is out on all streaming sites, so it isn’t hard to find. There is also a video currently out for the title track of the same name, “Sol Controller”. Don’t miss out!

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