New Jedi Mind Tricks Video for “Marciano’s Reign” Displays Growth

Long time fans of Jedi Mind Tricks are used to their signature lyrically hardcore style. A new video with was recently dropped for the track “Marciano’s Reign”, which is off the upcoming JMT album The Bridge and The Abyss. The song has some very touching and emotional verses from Vinnie Paz and features Scott Stallone. Immediately upon listening to the track you will come across a very recognizeable sample.

The Bridge and The Abyss (Artwork)

This is an animated video that’s interesting to watch and sounds a lot different than what you’d expect. Many folks will definitely critique this joint. Some like the usual formula of what JMT is known for, while other fans will appreciate the growth and difference with this toned down style. Vinnie displays maturity here with powerful words that appear to come from a father to son approach, when you listen to the lyrics and watch the video.

With a career spanning over 20+ years, and numerous changes in members over time, there’s always plenty of room for growth and experimentation with a group like JMT. You take a gamble when you decide to do something different, and everyone will have a different opinion. Regardless, I think this is worth checking out.

The Bridge and The Abyss is dropping on June 22nd. So don’t judge the song until you’ve listened to it, and check out the video below.

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