Oowop the Don Slides Through with Queens Vets (Large Pro & Royal Flush) on “Day Wonin” (Music)

Oowop The Don returns to the game in elite form with an authentic Queens support system fueled by the legendary Large Professor of Main Source, and the governor of Flushing, New York, Hip Hop Icon Royal Flush.

Oowop paints vivid picture of urban life in the every day hustle and the importance of your day-one family and friends to make it all work. Large Professor creates the perfect soundtrack to his lyrical movie, as well as lends his vocal and infamous presence to the hook. And Royal Flush sets the stage with an incredibly executed 16 bar massacre the platform and compliment Oowop’s pro level performance. “Day Wonin” is a soon to be underground classic and head-nod inducing vibe record for the times with all the lovable sensibilities of a 90’s classic.

Watch “Day Wonin” Below