Radamiz Is Murderous on “V.I.M.” Track (Music)

You ever feel like sometimes people play too much? Like, sometimes people don’t take you and your passions seriously? You’re out here busting your ass day-to-day, sacrificing your time, investing your money into your craft; into yourself, and people still have the audacity to ask you, “how’s that ‘little thing’ you do going?” You ever feel like killing those people, and then bringing them back to life after saying some bullsh-t like that?

You’re not alone. BK’s own Radamiz expresses these same sentiments on his latest single “V.I.M.” Freshly signed to Payday Records, Radamiz flows effortlessly over a jazzy beat produced by V’Don. Check out the “V.I.M.” video directed by Zachariah Smith. And please, try not to kill anybody — mentally, or otherwise.

Watch Radamiz’s “V.I.M.” Below