MicFlyDaButcha is the “Man of Steel” (Music)

Clark Kent is not the only “Man of Steel”. Introducing MicFlyDaButcha!

The story begins with a chance encounter with a machinist, a graffiti writer, a train car, a dark train depot where train cars are serviced, police, and the rush of adrenaline. The ingredients of such a cocktail, coupled with the admiration for graffiti and rhyme, are the catalyst that sparked the creative juices flowing from MicFlyDaButcha’s pen to what would ultimately become the emcees first ever rhyme called “Man of Steel”.

Hailing from the Southside of the “Windy City”, the Chicago native MicFlyDaButcha (pronounced “Mick”) drops heavy imagery, as illustrious as the graffiti he spits about on his latest release “Man of Steel”. Produced by fellow Hungry Hyenas crew member Reg Vador, Mic Fly details the adventures of the modern-day hieroglyph writers that stalk the city scape and desolate train yards in the dead of night, looking for the perfect Iron Horses to bomb.

Mic Fly raps of his late-night escapades of hopping fences, ducking train yard security, and risking freedom to have one’s tag the topic of discussion from crew peers, fellow bombers who relish in the beauty of the contrasting colors, intricate wild style patterns, and the diametrically opposed scorn of the political officials who see graffiti as the cities blight, and Top to Bottoms as vandalism with no cultural significance what so ever.

“while you getting in them zzz, I putting up murals…”

The beauty of the track is captured in the double entendre utilized by Mic, who calls himself the “Man of Steel”.  Do in part to his professional trade as a machinist working with “steel”, and his canvas of choice being one and the same.

“graffiti on the steel, graffiti on the wall… it don’t matter, I do it all.” 

Mic and the Hungry Hyenas crew of DJs, breakers, writers, beatboxers, emcees, and singers are currently independent. However, with the quality of production and wordplay of Mic Fly, this shouldn’t be the case for too long. And with the upcoming release of the full-length LP “The Unknown Soldier” is on the horizon. The emcee with crew in tow are soon to garner the attention of internet radio shows across the country.

Stream “Man of Steel” Below

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