Starvin B & Stu Bangas Collab On “Night of the Never Dead” EP (Music)

Queens MC, Starvin B, has collaborated with producer Stu Bangas on a dope 7 track EP project, Night of the Never Dead. There is a diverse selection of beats, complete with that signature bass Stu Bangas is known for. If you’re familiar with Starvin B, he doesn’t hold back. And this EP has a theme that focuses a lot on the shadiness and snakes in the dark side of Hip Hop, the industry, and the streets. Stu Bangas, who has produced for many underground Hip Hop artists, cooks up these insane beats, and SB choosing him for the production was a genius move.


Although he’s been around for quite some time, and has had a string of projects under his belt over the years, Starvin B may not be a familiar name to many, as much as he should be. But he knows what he wants, and he doesn’t let anyone control his decisions. He’s always true and consistent with what he chooses to put out. Listening to him over the years, I never expect anything less when it comes to his lyrics. He’s always been determined on the mic, delivering grit and grime. His lyrics aren’t for the sensitive or weak-minded. He spits solid, verbal weaponry.

On this project, Starvin B took stabs at the fakes and phonies. He lets it be known that he knows his worth, what he deserves, and that he will never “sell out,” or let people’s opinions of him alter the way he does things. There weren’t too many guest appearances on here, but there were 2 tracks with Foul Monday, a track with Legit Easy, and one with Flushing Tek. My favorite tracks are “Padre”, “Fentanyl”, which would have been a great opening track, and “Ouija Board”, which has verses dedicated to the late greats Prodigy, Sean Price and Big L.

Watch the visuals for “Leftovers” featuring Legit Easy & Foul Monday

Some memorable lines from “Padre” are:

  • “So called bosses spendin fortunes on a mistress / through the hard times the only one riding was the mistress”.

  • “Industry rats they wanna snatch up all the cake crumbs / See if they stay ya day ones when the day’s done / I’d rather send these assholes to the rat hole that they came from”.

  • “A life is not for the emotional type / been a while since we spoke, check the vocals I write / Here’s the bad news first, the bad news first, the bad guys are winning and it’s only getting worst”.

On “Fentanyl”, he raps:

  • “They only dream about the mainstream, I’m thinkin I could piss that / Rappers couldn’t bust my gun and survive the kickback”.

  • “People start flippin like heads or tales / You think your name hold weight better check the scale”.

With all these hard rhymes, need I say more?

If you haven’t done so yet, you should check out some of Starvin B’s projects — Blood From a Stone, Starvicide, Something in the Water, and The Foreigner, to name a few. You should also check Stu Bangas’ projects on and our exclusive one-on-one interview with Stu — A Page out of Stu Bangas’ “War Journal” (Interview).

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