Decaf Black and Rkitech Team Up Dropping Jewels About the Elements of Hip Hop in “Elevated” (Music)

Even though Hip Hop and its devout culture is universal, through the eyes of so many there is nothing quite like that New York Boom Bap!

When a NY legend, deeply rooted in the culture and music links up with a seasoned NY emcee, who is true to the definition of Master of Ceremony, the result is a record deemed to wake up sedated and confounded “rappers”.

Both Black and Rkitech deliver lyrics citing the elements of Hip Hop and how they define a code to live by.  Boom Bap is a need for them, an elevating drive…one emcee, one mic, and a DJ with two turntables scratching over a classic, hypnotic beats.

“Elevated” is written by Decaf Black and Rkitech and produced, mix and mastered by Rkitech with cuts by DJ VR.

Listen to “Elevated” below