Nomad Carlos Calls “Back Home” In New Video (Music)

Independent Hip Hop artist Nomad Carlos makes a phone call in his latest video to find out the happenings “Back Home”. Currently based in New York, he touches base with fellow member of The Council, Five Steez out in their stomping grounds of Kingston, Jamaica.

Directed and edited by David ‘Enco’ DaCosta, the music video’s grainy feel complements the eerie sound crafted by producer, Sosa. Carlos and Steez go back and forth discussing new developments and sniffing out a snake in their circle.

“Back Home” is featured on The Nomad Carlos Project, which was released in early April.

Watch Nomad Carlos’ “Back Home” Featuring Five Steez below:

Also, earlier this week Nomad subitted a video for our 60 Seconds of Flame series with Watch now:

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