J. Cole Flips Kevin Hart’s Infidelity Issues into a Song Titled “Kevin’s Heart” (Music)

A lot of people like J. Cole. And some just don’t for whatever reason. They say he is boring, but I don’t think so. I can say I’m a fan, mainly because I can relate to a lot of the topics he chooses to rap about. His flow is dope, he is clever with the bars, and he’s only overly hype with the delivery when he needs to be. What more can you ask for from a rapper? I respect him cause he didn’t need any features on his last few albums to prove himself to the masses.

Anyway, most people know about Kevin Hart’s infidelity issues from last year, hence the title of the song “Kevin’s Heart”. If not, Google it. Well, J. Cole flipped the topic into a song, which is my favorite track on his new KOD album.

Watch J. Cole’s “Kevin’s Heart” Video Starring Kevin Hart below: