Spotlight: Potatohead People’s Project “Nick & Astro’s Guide to the Galaxy” Takes You to Another Dimension (Music)

Counting supporters Soulection, Nightmares on Wax, Pomo, Exmag, Big BoiPhife Dawg (RIP), DJ Spinna, and more, and collaborations with Montreal beats star Kaytrananda, Vancouver duo Potatohead People have established themselves as living legends amongst their peers. Comprised of Nick Wisdom and Astrological, Potatohead People have remained relatively quiet over the last three year’s since their critically acclaimed 2015 debut album, Big Luxury. Today, the duo are back with their highly anticipated sophomore LP- Nick & Astro’s Guide To The Galaxy.

Stream/Buy Potatohead People’s “Nick & Astro’s Guide to the Galaxy” album below