Styles P is the “G-Host” of Hip Hop (Music)

If hip hop was a professional sport, Styles P’s resume would read like a first ballot hall of famer. The legendary Yonkers MC has traded verses with the likes of Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, DMX, back and forth disses with Beanie Sigel and 50 Cent, and not to mention how he’s one-third of the legendary supergroup The LOX.

20 years since the release of The LOX debut album, Money, Power and Respect, the Ghost shows no signs of a downward spiral. Styles P returns with his ninth solo album titled G-host.

Never one to conform to trends, the Ghost sticks to the script with hard bars and hard production. Up and coming producer and LOX collaborator, Jimmy Dukes, laces the Ghost on the cut “Welfare”. On this track you will find Styles talking about his victories, yet reminding himself of his hard knock past life.

“Coolest OG” finds Styles pretty much summing up his life in one bar, “Got a bunch of rhymes, I don’t do the writing though / Smoke, eat, smoke, sleep, smoke, fuck, smoke rhymes…”, which let’s you know that at this point, he’s in a good spot in life.

“Window to the Soul” finds Styles dropping a lot of jewels in three and a half minutes over an insane Vinny Idol beat. Topics bounce from deadbeat father’s, fake friends, and the end result of living the fast life.

The Ghost doesn’t have any guest appearances as far as other rappers go. But as nice as he is, he really doesn’t need them. Other standout tracks include “Ghost Wars” and “Wait Your Turn B”. Styles P has never been one to conform with what mainstream does and this is why he’ll always be mentioned with the greats. G-host shows he’s the same SP just a little more mature.

Stream/Buy Styles P’s “G-Host” Below:

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