Hold Your Head Cause Rack-Lo Will “Snatch a Crown” with the Quickness (Music)

If you dont know about the legendary New York Lo-Lifes, I’m going to bring you up to speed real quick. Lo-Lifes are known as the gang that brought fashion to hip hop. A Brooklyn collective of boosters & robbers that stole and robbed to either rock or sell whatever apparel they acquired. The crew formed during the 80s. The Lo-Lifes consist of two Brooklyn crews that came together, but it wasn’t until 1988 that they officially became the “Lo-Lifes”.

Fast forward to the future. Now Lo-Lifes are all over the world and thier members range from hip hop artist to buisnessmen and businesswomen, doctors, dentists, construction workers, and young/old heads from all races and creeds. They’re not considered a gang anymore, but more a collective.

Racks is a Ralph Lauren POLO enthusiest that puts together shows and fundrasing events for innercity children. The street element is still involved. For more info, google them.

Now in this video by Rack-Lo and famiLLy, they celebrate their Lo heritage at the famous Ralph Lauren Polo Bar in New York City at St. Polo Day 2018 aka St. Patricks Day — the main reason for jacking the “Jump Around” beat by House of Pain.

Rack-Lo spits Lo-Life reflections of the lifestyle and being one of the best in the profession with amazing scratches provided by Deejay Mathematics out of Australia.

Watch Rack-Lo’s “Snatch A Crown” Video Now