A.G of D.I.T.C Invites Us to a “Magiacal World” (Music)

I understand we’re in the visual age. It’s easy for people, especially kids to gravitate towards the visuals first. But when the visuals, lyrics and beat come together, you get something special like A.G.’s “Magical World”.

As a hip hop fan, I have always been driven by lyrics first. What I fell in love with about rap/hip hop were the lyrics, speech, vocabulary, slang, a dope beat, rhythm and poetry. The visuals are and always will be important and play a major part in music. But I feel that they should go hand in hand with the lyrics.

You can’t just brainwash me with fly visuals like Childish Gambino’s latest on “This Is America”. There has to be both. And the legendary A.G. of D.I.T.C. displays a great combination of both lyrical prowess and captivating visuals on this “Magical World” track produced by none other than the great Lord Finesse off The Taste of Ambrosia album — dropping June 22nd.

Watch the Video to A.G.’s “Magical World” Now: