Daniel Son & Futurewave Chef It up on the New “Pressure Cooker” Project (Music)

Toronto’s very own Daniel Son is back at it with his latest release, Pressure Cooker, and he’s better than ever. He’s always ahead of the game and has the best production to compliment his unique, individual style. In this case, the stellar production comes from Futurewave, which meshes so well with what Daniel Son is trying to achieve here.a2487309290_10

There are 12 tracks. All completely solid and not too lengthy. This project has a darker sound than Daniel Son’s previous projects with a lot more emotion put into it. If you’ve been following the former projects, Daniel never disappoints. He just keeps getting better. And is highly successful at perfecting his craft. There is so much rawness in the purest form in this release. And the descriptions in his verses are so vivid. You can visualize the dark, cold, unforgiving streets of Toronto through his words. He tells it all so well. You get sucked in and feel the authenticity he is bringing out in every single track.

“Toad Venom” is a perfect way to kick start this album and the beat is just amazing. It starts off light and mellow, and then the beat drops, setting the tone for the rest of what’s to come.

In the second track, “Don Shulas”, Daniel really wears his heart on his sleeve, as he breaks down past experiences that impacted his life, and the consequences including the demise of a relationship. He reminisces, talks about the heartbreak he caused, and how he’s changed since.

“Obeah Season” is another clean track with a head nodding beat as he drops lines like “these buckets haunted, they shakin, yo call the witch doctor”. His flow is always on point with the beats. He can speed it up or slow it down.

The track “Stained Lo” features Daniel’s longtime friend and collaborator Saipher Soze. They both always kill it when they work together and have been doing it for years. You would know this if you’re familiar with their Divizion Rivals project. As Daniel spits, “I dig a hole in the river and then I let it drain, flood it with acid rain, work on my passing game”, his delivery never disappoints. I find myself hitting rewind or repeat because there’s so many lines that I just have to hear again and again because it’s that good.

I immediately fell in love with “Def Leppard”. Futurewave really outdid himself with this beat. “Shorty workin out the Best Western. She British, she only listen to Def Leppard”. “I give the speeches that inspire rebels”. “Talk is cheap, but people fade away for less, life lessons you only learn in the face of death”. So many memorable lines on this track along with the infectious, haunting beat.

“Saki Bar” has a lighter sound and features a verse from Black Nazi. “Restoration” is another track that’s packed with emotion and reality. Mentions of sad times like hunger pains, and then end’s the first verse with, “If I die before I’m rich throw me under the bridge”. Daniel digs deep and let’s us into that mind of his through his extremely detailed verbal expressions.

“Moonlight” has some vivid storytelling packed into a track that’s a little under a minute and a half, but still shines nonetheless. The beat of “Icy Palms” is just grimy, while Daniel describes cold reality and what happens when the sun goes down. And then Daniel Son and Crimeapple join forces again in yet another great collaboration on “Bucket Spoons”. Daniel boasts “They say we up next I can’t argue with them”. With all these consistent and dope releases, I can’t argue with that either. As usual, he always sounds confident when he spits as he mentions trying to “separate from the competition”. In my opinion he has already surpassed that. Crimeapple shines and delivers as well, with lines such as how he “got the average rapper pissy like an iffy bladder” and “throw dry ice on my arms cuz now I relay pain different”.

Watch the video for “Bucket Spoons” Featuring Crimeapple below:

“Trust the Process” is another unforgettable beat that you just can’t help but to love. Daniel lets it be known, “Money, power, respect, that’s what I bleed for”. And last but not least is “Grace Slick”, which features vocals from the talented Raspy. It has a sadness to it as Daniel says lines like “buckets having babies that’s born to eat the paint chips. Crashed in his hoopty, never got the brakes fixed”. You can feel the pain throughout this whole project and “Grace Slick” was the perfect song to finish it off.

I’ll go as far as to say that this is Daniel’s best project to date, as it showcases his maturity and willingness to open up on topics that have deep meanings, as he shares his life experiences with us. And Futurewave is an absolute genius with the production. His beats combined with Daniel’s lyricism, brings this project together, full circle. So show some love and make sure to check out Pressure Cooker if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.

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