Ren “I Been Nice” Thomas & Hip Hop Patriarch Termanolgy Give Us “No Sleep” (Music)

Ren Thomas is by far one of Jersey’s top pick of skilled emcees. There isn’t a beat he can’t body or murder! Some might even reference Ren as The Hulk of Hip Hop, a savage on the mic, and undoubtedly a mastermind of words. His stage performance is an unforgettable cult like experience, one of which fans fall into a hypnotic state from his lyrical possession!

Over the past decade his lyrical expertise deemed superior even to the ears of major artists and Hip Hop vets. Some of which who didn’t hesitate to collaborate with Ren on production such as Pete Rock and Termanology, just to name a few.  Ren was even selected by Rick Ross as a competitor for his reality TV show “Signed”.

In his latest single “No Sleep”, which is produced by Termanology, Ren gives listeners a snippet of his journey as a local Jersey emcee to a ten year, worldwide emcee vetted in the game. With the world on his shoulders he chose this life of the mic and the stage. In his signature raspy and gritty voice, he declares any man trying to stop that will become a ghost.

Every second of “No Sleep” is filled with clever punchlines and raw bars. The delivery over thundering beats produced by Term definitely sets the tone for the record. It’s almost God-like how Term put certain sounds together to create a perfect parallel to Ren’s style of rap and story. The chemistry between these two is explosive and “No Sleep” will leave fans pacing with anticipation for the next collaboration.

“This is ten years’ baby with no sleep until they refer to me as an OG” — Ren Thomas

Listen to “No Sleep” now