N.B.S. & Tragedy Khadafi Bring You “Violent Wisdom” (Music)

“Hip-Hop is still alive” proclaims legendary emcee Tragedy Khadafi in “Violent Wisdom”, the latest release from N.B.S. album SwissVets 2.

Courtesy of producer DJ Tray, “Violent Wisdom” is built atop the dusty samples and neck snapping drums that define the True School Hip Hop motif responsible for the careers of both N.B.S. and Tragedy Khadafi.

A homage to the seemingly forgotten intelligent street-focused approach to Hip Hop, “Violent Wisdom” is another in the string of celebrated releases from the recently released SwissVets 2 (Click for streaming/buying options).

Watch N.B.S. “Violent Wisdom” video and stream/buy their “SwissVets 2” album below: