Pounds, Crimeapple & Daniel Son Team Up to Give You “55K” (Music)

What do you get when you team up heavy hitters from Toronto, New Jersey, and New York? You get “55K”. The track starts off with Daniel Son, followed by Crimeapple, and ends with Pounds’ verse.

Each emcee drops their heat with their own unique cadence, along with some dope dark visuals from director Mercenary, also from Toronto, which helps accentuate the vibe of the track. Produced by Max Marciano, this is a dark and gritty sound that hard body fans will love.

While these guys may be new to some of you, they each have been making noise for quite some time now. Daniel Son was already doing his thing for a few years in the Toronto Hip Hop scene with projects like Gunners Tape, Divizion Rivals with Saipher Soze , and Remo Gaggi, which all have supreme production.

Crimeapple made noise on his own with projects like Sweet Dreams, Perfect, Perfect 2 and Metralleta. And Pounds released his latest project Borgata in March.

The chemistry on “55K” between these 3 emcees gel well together. Expect to hear more from them coming up in the near future because these emcees don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Listen to Pounds, Daniel Son, and Crimeapple’s “55K”