Priceless: Bernadette Price Shares Her Husband’s Legacy with the World (Interview)

The late Sean Price, hailing from Brownsville, NY, was definitely a dynamic performer and a revered hip hop legend. With his humble beginnings of rocking with Heltah Skeltah and his the Boot Camp Clik family, we watched the artist known as Ruck transition into a remarkable rhyme-sayer over the decades later becoming the amazing Sean Da Barbarian. This powerhouse of a rapper’s influence in the hip hop community still holds major weight on a global level. The loss of this icon hit us all like a ton of bricks worldwide. However, his loving family and dearest friends lost someone irreplaceable.


Bernadette Price, the wife of SeanP. has done an outstanding job carrying on the family legacy. She had performed at shows, conducted interviews, and executive produced two dope posthumous projects on behalf of her husband. She continues to raise their lively children and handle the business affairs. Her baby girl ShaunP. embodies traits just like her father. You can often find her alongside her mother repping for her dad with an outgoing personality and spitting bars. It’s touching to see their baby girl following in dad’s footsteps.

Watch their baby Shaun P. spitting bars on the big stage alongside her legendary father

Bernadette is a dear friend I admire and respect on so many levels. Her strength should be an inspiration to us all. After great adversity, she works diligently to give us nothing but excellence in music, merchandise and visuals. She does all of this in addition to mommy duties. I’m honored to conduct this interview with her. She had such a rich beautiful life with Sean Price, and I appreciate her sharing her story with us.


IMG_7177Tell us how you met Sean Price.

We met in Brownsville Projects where we both were born and raised. He would come visit his brother Norton, which lived in my building. In 1995, we started our family. We would go to many events, out to eat, movies, and do things with the kids. Sometimes we would just stay home and relax with each other.

What’s a Price family tradition?

Our family tradition is if something is broken, we fix it. Not to run from it. New Years must always be brought in at home.

Who were some of Sean P’s musical influences?

Redman, Ghostface, and a few others I can’t remember.

How did Sean P land his first big deal? How did he celebrate?

He signed with Duckdown in ’95. Lol He hung out with his friends; partying. The usual stuff.

IMG_7174If you had to choose in terms of style, which one do you prefer — Ruck or Sean Price?

I prefer Sean Price because Ruck didn’t give a fuck about nothing, and Sean Price had more love, understanding, and growth. He was a family man.

How did you deal with your husband’s success?

Although it was tough at times, I remained humble and supportive.

Name some artists you like that are out now.

Geesh. Ummmm, Sean Price! Lol I like so many artists. I listen to Skyzoo, Wu-Tang, Ruste Juxx, Rock, Illa Ghee, Royce da 5’9″, Torae, Jada, Fab, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and many others. There’s some dope albums that have been dropping all year.

IMG_7178How did it feel when you first went on stage and represented on behalf of your husband? Should we expect a Bernadette Price project?

At first, I was nervous. Sometimes I’m still nervous. But it felt great. And no, I will not be doing an album. But I’ll do something one time though, lol.

Bernadette Price spits her husband’s part on “Operation Lockdown” alongside Sean’s longtime Heltah Skeltah partner — Rock

What are your thoughts on the evolution of hip hop?

As time goes by, things change. That’s what I think.

IMG_7181I know some people have switched up since the loss of your husband. How do you cope with the fakes and users?

I deal with the fake and/or users lol, by keeping my distance.

Tell us your funniest Sean P story.

He was taking a shower and jumped out screaming cause he used the peppermint soap on his balls ROTFL!!!!

Sean filmed a bunch of skits. Here’s one of his funniest ones

How did you come up with the concept for “Imperius Rex” and “Metal Detectors”?

Well, he already had the name of the album “Imperius Rex”, so I just had to put it together. It was hard, but a dope experience. The “Metal Detectors” EP was already done. Just had to fix it up a little bit. Yet another dope experience.

What’s next for the Price legacy?

More music is definitely what’s up next. After putting out a project 2017 and an EP in 2018, there’s still a few more things in the works. So stay tuned.

Tell fans something about Sean Price you think he would want them to know.

He appreciates all the love and support given. I mean all he wanted them to know, he pretty much put it in his music or in his interviews.

Bernadette sums it up by stating:

I will say, Sean had a big heart and he was dedicated to his craft. He will always be loved and represented properly!!! We lost something way much deeper than rap that can never be replaced — A Father, A Husband, and My Best Friend. Peace and thanks for the love of our beloved!


Weekly Rap Gods would like to give gratitude to Bernadette Price for sharing her story. We also give special thanks to Sean Price for his contributions to the culture.


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