Grab the Popcorn for Realio Sparkzwell’s “Life Is a Sitcom” Video (Music)

“Life is a Sitcom” is the first single off of Realio’s Mahdi Musik project. And on this smooth laidback track he touches on real life issues with slick mentions of popular sitcom titles in his verses and his video is medley of those TV shows. Although “Life is a Sitcom”, enjoy each moment cause “it could all be over one day”. 

Watch “Life is a Sitcom” music video below:

Realio Sparkzwell follows up the masterful Ep to The Main Ingredient with a fresh new project titled Mahdi Musik. Another conceptual splashwork that will take the listeners on a visual journey. The soulful, yet rugged landscape of production ranges from Realio Sparkzwell producing 3 tracks, Chris Prythm, Tha Chop King, and features from G Clef the Mad Komposa on saxophone on a track, and 2 special guest appearances by C Rayz Walz.

And stream/buy Mahdi Musik below: