VVS Verbal Unleashes New Album Titled “Rebirth of the Slickest” (Music)

VVS Verbal who hails from Flatbush, Brooklyn, mirrors the epitome of classic New York Hip Hop. True Hip Hop heads can recall the beginning of his career that dates back to the late 90’s. As his career progressed, so did his fan base and respect earned from major OG’s in the industry. His music catalog consists of multiple and prevalent mixtapes, features, and solo projects. His uncanny stage performance and energy birth life to his lyrics that can surpass mainstream concerts. Just ask some of the notorious artists he’s shared the stage with, such as M.O.P, Sadat X, Rockness Monsta, SmifN-Wessun, and the list goes on.

As a fan, once news of a new album hit like a wild-fire, I immediately stopped in my tracks, zoned out, and listened to Rebirth of the Slickest in its entirety! I then listened for a second and third time. The album is off Bucktown USA Entertainment and produced by ES-K. The production alone offers a realm of travel to an era where instruments mixed with sounds from different genres such as jazz and blues intertwined to shake souls. This album is undeniably a “rebirth” of timeless music.

Rebirth Of The Slickest features other acclaimed New York emcees from General Steele to Buckshot, to Granddaddy IU to Sadat X, to Ruste Juxx to Craig G. The chemistry among the great’s featured on the album cannot be replicated or reproduced. Each in their own right polish off tracks bar for bar, with classic boom bap execution!

Tracks such as “Rebirth”, “Then 2 Now”, and “Cold Medina” pay homage to the Golden Era of Hip Hop. Lyrically, Verbal beheads culture vultures throughout the entire album while toasting to legendary OG’s. He’s been mixing with legends and exercising his world play far too long not to deliver anything less than mastery.

Stream/Buy “Rebirth Of The Slickest” below