Bumpy Knuckles Is a “Grumpy Ol Man” on This Nottz Produced Track (Music)

From the upcoming album, Pop Duke, Bumpy Knuckles Nottz release their first single/video in which they show these youngins their “Grumpy Ol Man” side. Every “young” rapper that lacks the ability to flow and put words together are quick to call out rappers above thirty an “old head”. Bumpy Knuckles takes on the “Grumpy Ol Man” term head on.

Hip Hop as a culture is only 40 plus years young. And yes, some of the pioneers might be older and some of the best might be middle-aged, but that shouldn’t takeaway from the fact that these so-called “old heads” can still rap circles around most of these young dudes.

Hip Hop is not a physical sport in which age can affect your ability to perform. But on the contrary, older emcees, such as Bumpy, obtain more experience and a mastered flow. And he displays that on this particular song.

Again, age is not, and should never be a factor in verbal dexterity. Hip Hop is the only genre that dismisses certified O.G’s by saying that it’s a young man’s game, which is bullshit. Rockstars tour until they are old and grey, and still pack stadiums. Hip Hop should be able to do the same. And “Grumpy Ol Man” is a testament to that.

Bumpy Knuckles & Nottz’s Pop Duke album is set to release some time soon. Keep it locked an exclusive Bumpy interview!