Aul Purpis Drops A New Track Cause “They Wanna Know” (Music)

Aul Purpis, a seasoned Hip Hop pioneer and legend out of Philly, releases a new single “They Wanna Know” produced by Reese Tanaka.  Fans recall Purpis touring the world from Australia, Dubai, London, Turkey, Japan, Amsterdam, to performing at The World Cup and The Olympics! Fans also recall the notoriety, respect, and popularity of his career right here in the U.S. creating timeless Hip Hop. He’s recorded chart topping hits with other major artists such as Juice Crew, Doug E. Fresh, Public Enemy, Buckshot, and of course KRS-One!

Let’s fast forward because “They Wanna Know”, referencing fans and the world of Hip Hop. Purpis is in full throttle studio mode working on his forthcoming album The Heisman. The hit single “They Wanna Know” is a saga to fans, other emcees, critics, and the industry as a whole who might question if this is a comeback.  Purpis is here, not back! He hasn’t vanished or turned into a ghost. He’s still steering in his “own lane but shifting gears”.

See my Hip Hop’s better than yours, it’s cocked back fully loaded sitting in the top drawer” -Aul Purpis

Listen to “They Wanna Know” below:

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