Jean Grae & Quelle Chris Assure You That “Everything’s Fine” (Music)

Jean Grae is one of my 5 five emcees! And she is back at it alongside Quelle Chris for this intriguing project titled Everything’s Fine. It’s definitely not that signature Boom Bap we are accustomed to from the hip hop veteran. But it’s worth checking out. Two songs in particular resonate with me — one is “Waiting for the Moon” featuring Mosel and Anna Wise and a melodic and enchanting cut titled “River”.

Everything’s Fine (Artwork)

I’m a quirky hip hop enthusiast, so I can definitely respect the experimental aspect of trying new sounds and the direction this album is taking. Jean Grae put on her producer’s cap for this one. And she wears it well. I’m really impressed by her skills, and not the least bit shocked she can make such beautiful music. Jean Grae is not only a lyrical beast, but a musical genius as well.

Quelle Chris’ style meshes well with Jean’s. They both compliment each other and the soundscape of the project. I can’t lie. I was expecting some gritty tracks with boom bap type kicks and snares. But needless to say, the project didn’t require it at all. Everything’s Fine is a cohesive body of work that music lovers will enjoy. It’s an eclectic blend of abstract beats, next level lyricism, and dope deliveries that makes you want to take a few more listens. Again, the production is truly masterful and intricate, to the say the least. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out!

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