Catching a Jux with Ruste Juxx (Interview)

Ruste Juxx is definitely in his apex! The Brooklyn rapper has set the tone for groundbreaking hardcore Boom Bap that evokes the love and energy of hip hop fans worldwide. Ruste Juxx debuted his album Indestructible with Duck Down Records in 2008. He then released a collaborative project with producer extraordinaire Marco Polo titled The eXXecution followed by Adamantine produced by Endemic (UK) in 2010. A couple of years later, 2012 to be exact, he dropped the popular Hardbodie Hip Hop project produced by Kyo Itachi (France) and many, many more bangers to follow. His latest album International Juxx was released fall 2017, so make sure you go check that and the rest of his catalogue out.

He has released some dope music solidifying himself as a top MC with insane bars and flow over the past decade. Last year, Ruste Juxx was featured on the posthumous album of Sean Price Imperius Rex. He exchanged some heavy bars with the hip hop legend on the song “Ape in his Apex”. The protégée of the Sean Price (RIP) has been busy building his business, brand and securing his own hip hop legacy. Enjoy our exclusive interview!

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Who are your musical influences?

Rakim, Nas, Redman, Scarface, Sean Price, Buckshot, and especially my uncle Ray who inspired me to rap. My uncle was an MC as well.

What inspired you to start your own record label?

For my label, I just want to own everything I put out. I want to be able to drop music from upcoming artists as well. This music is a business. And I want to capitalize on everything.

What was it like when you went on your first tour overseas? Where did you go?

The first time I went overseas was with Sean Price on tour. We went all over Europe. And it was a great experience. They LOVED Sean! It was crazy at those shows. However, my first Ruste Juxx tour was the Ready to Juxx Tour in 2013. I handled a lot of things  after watching Sean in action on his tours. I made sure I was on top of my shit. That first tour was one of my best.

What do you think of the evolution of hip hop?

I love how hip hop has evolved over the years. There are a lot of new dope artists. You just have to know who to look for.

Tell us your funniest Sean Price story.

Anytime I would call Sean Price’s crib, he hardly ever said hello. He would just started rapping. He would always keep spitting a new dope verse to me and then we would start talking. Sometimes he’d answer the phone and say, “Who’s this? Junior?”; jokingly calling me his first-born.

You are in a rap battle competition. You can only choose five other rappers for your team to secure the win. Who are you going to tag in? And why?

I would choose Nas, KRS-One, Method Man, Redman, Supernatural and The Game because they always destroy the mic in battles.

What should we expect from Ruste Juxx and your label in 2018?

This year I’m dropping two albums and an EP. I have a new website and merchandise on the way too. Plus another European tour.

My new project is produced by Jake Palumbo. Right now, I’m dropping an album produced by 47 from France titled “Sulfuric Acid”. And the project will feature  Conway the Machine and Rim Da Villin.

My EP produced by Big Ape is called “Highly Anticipated” which has no features. There are no official release dates yet. Stay connected for more on Ruste Juxx.

Ruste Juxx/Facebook

Ruste Juxx is remarkable! Being from Brooklyn, I love to hear artists spit that authentic hip hop that I can appreciate. Ruste Juxx’s methodology, lyrics and delivery makes me homesick. That raw gritty sound — that’s the definition Boom Bap! I hear talks of a project with Rockness and Ruste Juxx called Crownsville! We hope that project comes to fruition. We are certain the legendary Sean P is nothing short of proud of his protégée and the empire he is building. We look forward to his new site, merchandise and music.

Weekly Rap Gods salutes Ruste Juxx for his contributions to hip hop. We know the best is yet to come and wish him continued success!


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  1. That’s the big homie…ALWAYS keeping it real. Blessed to have been on International Juxx (Rezivor on track 5). Plus we got more bangers we collabed on for people to rock to!!

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