Dirt Disciples Release “Stand for Something” Compilation (Music)

Elmira, NY’s Rome Clientel and Long Island’s DJ Concept together known as Dirt Disciples have quite a large discography under their belt. Their latest project is a 10 track compilation titled Stand For Something and is a mix of all-new material, previously unreleased joints, and slept-on collaborations from their catalogue.

“When we talked, we realized we had a very similar mindset,” Concept explains. “It was the next logical step to start the group.” That mindset is steeped in a love of all things Hip-Hop, but it’s more than just music to these two. As the DJ/producer points out, one of his favorite cuts on the project is the title track because of its “raw feel” and the fact that “standing up for what you believe in is something I really try to keep in the front of my mind at all times.”

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For Rome, he was especially excited about putting together the standout remix to Nas classic “It Ain’t Hard to Tell.” The emcee talks of how impressive it was that Concept made the track his own while remaining true to the original’s feel. “That’s next to impossible to do, and it proves why our chemistry is sonically so great,” Rome adds.

That chemistry is evident no matter which track off Stand For Something ends up being your favorite, and chances are it’ll be difficult to narrow it down to just one. And who knows, by the time you do, the two may have a new project for you to throw on repeat.

In addition to Chaundon, Stand For Something includes guest features from Skyzoo, Rick Gonzalez (f/k/a Realm Reality), DJ Eclipse, and AC on Demand, among others, and is available now through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms via Crisis Center Collective.


Dirt Disciples: https://twitter.com/DirtDisciples
Rome Clientel: https://twitter.com/RomeClientel
DJ Concept: https://twitter.com/concept1200