Mic Bles Shows You How to Bless the Mic on His “AudiovOX” Album (Music)

AudiovOX is the new album by Mic Bles and he brings a refreshing take on that authentic Boom-bap sound we’ve all grown to love. This album is reminiscent of a Golden Era Hip-Hop classic, which features a few Hip-Hop vets, such as Ras Kass, El Da Sensei (Artifacts), Pacewon & DJ Romes and MED. Not to mention that gritty and smooth production combined with classic samples and cuts throughout.

The lead single “Pay Homage”, featuring the legendary lyricist Ras Kass leads the way and sets the tone for the album. Ras always delivers stellar bars, and Mic Bles brings his “A” game as well. On this track, both MC’s show their love and respect for the pioneers that paved the way for the culture we love. The best part of hearing the album is that it’s 100% authentic hip hop. Mic is true to the music, the culture, and most importantly, himself.

With many different routes to take, when adapting a musical tone in hip-hop, it’s often refreshing to take things back to the basics. AudiovOX brings back solid substance focusing on tight lyricism and hard hitting production.

Hip-Hop is all too encompassing and too massive of a culture to be pigeonholed to a singular sound. But if there was ever a definitive sound for the genre, this is it.

AudiovOX can be ordered here: http://hyperurl.co/1sbert For more on Mic, follow him here: http://www.blessthemicrophone.com

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