The Bitter Dose of Roc Marci’s Rosebudd’s Revenge 2

Live from the Mecca. New York, NY, the big city of dreams. The backdrop is Brownstones, Bodegas and pizza joints. A cloud of smoke from a Russian Cream Backwoods engulfs a figure. Emerging from that cloud wearing a DSquared Tee, Cartier glasses and Nike Air Max sneaks is one of the most talented lyricists of our generation; Roc Marciano. No, not the boxer, although he throws hay-makers in the booth, Marciano is a tried and true carrier of the hip hop culture. The real type. If you haven’t already, it’s about time to wake up, smell the proverbial coffee and bear witness to history in the making. This is lyricism at its finest accompanied by beats more raw than 5 star steak tartare. So chew on that.  Real New York gangster rap. Genuine boom bap from the state that created it. This is Rosebudd’s Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose.

Sequel albums often fall short of their predecessor but Rosebudd’s Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose could be in the running to take the top seed over the original Rosebud’s Revenge, released in February of 2017. Emcee/producer extraordinaire, Marciano sticks to his usual topics; pimping, gun and drug talk, money and fashion, but his unique dialogue makes these familiar topics seem foreign. Marciano’s website,, calls RR2″Roc’s latest and perhaps most controversial work of art.” Past albums have shown Roc’s attraction to street life but it has always circled around the recurring topic of gaining and maintaining respect. The guns, drugs, women and fashion are merely a benefit of this lifestyle. Respect is always the premium. The opening track on the album, fittingly titled “Respected” features a quote stating just that; “I want to be highly respected amongst everyone. Dudes from New York. Dudes outside of New York. Highly respected.”

Customary low-fi sound, equipped with record crackles, classic drum kits and dingy samples do not disappoint. A smooth and controlled flow work with a purpose, with not one word or syllable out of place. Familiar features from Action Bronson and Knowledge the Pirate encase Roc’s loyalty and close-knit circle, and of course, fit flawlessly on the album. A long way from Marciano’s first album, Marcberg, released in May of 2010, RR2: The Bitter Dose falls right in line with the previous classics. Progression and growth is evident but even more apparent is the common style and themes that never seem to tire. Marciano’s ability to vividly describe life in an inherently complex manner is unrivaled. Permission granted to use this as a cordial invitation to get lost among the metaphors. Enter a new reality and live vicariously through Marciano’s perfectly constructed vernacular. Marinate in the illustrious pen-game within the expansive oeuvre of the living legend, Roc Marciano and his latest release; Rosebudd’s Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose.

For limited signed hard copies and/or digital downloads of the project, head on over to RR2 is now also streamable on all digital platforms.