A Page out of Stu Bangas’ “War Journal” (Interview + Exclusive Track)

Weekly Rap Gods represent all the elements of the culture. And producers play a vital part of hip hop. So today we are paying tribute to one of the dopest underground hip hop producers — the incomparable Stu Bangas.

Stu Bangas is best known for his ill boom bap production. His style is raw, uninhibited, unique, and definitely unmatched. His signature sound is heavy hittin’ with bass, kicks, and snares that require some of the hardest bars. He has produced for a slew of amazing artists, such as Ras Kass, Apathy, Planet Asia, Roc Marciano, Blacastan, Esoteric, Evidence, Army of Pharoahs, Ty Farris and more.

Stu has released many of instrumental projects in the past. All “Bangas”. Just visit his Brutal Music page and see for yourself. But to me, his latest beat tape, War Journal, just seems that much more special. Not because of the exclusive track he has granted us to premiere. No. But you can truly hear the growth in his style, and the quality of his beats. If you’re into feeling that bass in your chest and those kicks and snares in your face, this is worth every single hard-earned dollar. It’s without a doubt an audible treasure for all hip hop heads, especially if you’re an emcee looking to spit over fire beats.

Enjoy our 1-on-1 interview with Stu Bangas, and the exclusive “Moscow Mule” instrumental off the War Journal — scheduled to drop this Friday.

Stu Bangas — War Journal (Cover Art)


Who are your musical influences?

DJ Premier, Alchemist and DJ Muggs. These 3 come to mind, but there are too many others to name.

Tell us what song/album made you love hip hop.

“Mass Appeal” by Gangstarr

How did you start producing? How old were you? Who gave you your first break?

I started DJing in 1996. Started making beats in 1998 when I got my first MPC. I think my first break was when I produced a couple beats on Heltah Skeltah’sD.I.R.T. album.

Tell us about how music impacts your life.

I wake up thinking about music all the time to be honest. When can I make a beat? What’s the next sample I’m going to chop up? When I’m in the car, I’m always listening to music. I lift weights avidly, and I always have music playing when I am lifting.

What was the highlight of your career?

Hard to say. I feel like I have not achieved all I hope to, and am not satisfied at all. I think one of my favorite moments was doing the single “God Particle” for the Army of the Pharoahs. And “The Danger” song off mine and Esoteric’s album, Machete Mode.

Name top five producers (explain why they are your favorite).

DJ Premier, Alchemist, and DJ Muggs. I love their drums, the samples they pick, and how they chop samples (especially ALC and Preemo) is inspiring to me.

Name top five rap artists (explain why they are ya favorite).

Prodigy, TragedyKhadafi, BigPun, SeanPrice, and KoolGRap. Their lyrics, beat choice, voice, content, etc.

Who would you like to collaborate on a project with?

Too many to name. I see a lot of talented people I would like to work with!

What’s your creative process like when making beats?

Find my samples, find drums I think will match, sample everything into the MPC,
see how things sound, and decide how I want to chop everything.

What do you think of the evolution of hip hop? Production-wise and rap-wise.

Everything keeps getting better and evolving in my opinion (I’m talking about real music. Not pop stuff). I’m constantly inspired by new shit I hear.

What’s the inspiration behind your War Journal project? How did you come up with the name/concept?

My inspiration is just that I make so many beats and not all get picked. So I plan on releasing this project and more to come to let people that like my beats get more content. The name is based off a Marvel comic book I read and collected as a kid — The Punisher War Journal. Punisher was always the man because he fights for justice, but actually takes bad guys out and doesn’t mess around.

All of us at WRG would like to thank Stu Bangas for allowing us to premeire “Moscow Mule” and for a great interview. Be sure to follow his social media. And click the link below to secure your copy of the War Journal this Friday: https://brutalmusic.bandcamp.com/album/war-journal-instrumentals