ILL Conscious Premieres His “Self Savior” Video to the World (Music)

Fresh off of his sophomore LP release, “The Prerequisite”, ILL Conscious teams up with Lebanese producer, Hamorabi and DJ Goadman to create the opus known as “Self Savior”. The production is reminiscent of a theatrical triumphant middle eastern rebellion. ILL expresses his disdain for the oppressive American government and subjective society through social and political commentary, all while incorporating witty, metaphoric battle style rhymes. For true fans, the lyrics may be familiar, but the visual introduces a new satirical approach for the viewer. Enjoy!


Verse 1:

Rocking Kemetic rings, still as live as them riders in Medellin
rising angelically, I’m touching the lives of the Lebanese
niggas sweet as papaya, fire at your extremities
Berretta squeeze and nigga them shots fly through the mezzanine
rest the discrepancy, I build with the Nepalese and the Beninese
son my mind on a different level genetically
blowing the evergreen, flex on the white supremacy
fuck America’s house, hawk spit on the nice amenities
reporting live where they’re forced to desensitize us
in this war of disproportionate, corporate enterprises
revolutionists, call us inglorious improvisers
the breath of my ancestors, the story of the advisors
they got our children absorbing and visualizing
the TEL – LIE – VISION and radio from notorious liars
my aura is higher, skin is porous, endorphins ignited
Allah in the wilderness, I’m exploring the fire!

Verse 2:

America terrorize, my people is terrified of the paradigm
and paralyzed, I peep it from Palestine to the Carolines
I clarify, the people ain’t verified but they sterilized
no paradise, rebellion and struggle that’s where the merit lies
reading the glossary, ceasing the mockery
ain’t a piece of democracy in this land of greed and hypocrisy
deceit is in the leaders, but what I’m speaking is scholarly
but in the constitution they still consider me property
what they see is an oddity, but they ain’t stopping the populous
point the glock and its feeling like the apocalypse
40 cal to Trump and I tell him it’s just politics
superman and the dark knight, Gotham and the Metropolis
the flow’s steady boxing em, the hoes steady rocking him
living by the code and 5-0 steady watching him
hmph, the illest novelist, scribing this like the hieroglyphs
Peace to the Gods in case the devils is chiming in.

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For “The Testament”, ILL Conscious teams up with French producer Kyo Itachi and Chilean turntablist DJ Audas to create a vivid picture of the upbringing of the Baltimore emcee.

This is the first single off of ILL’s “The Prerequisite” album. On this joint, he recruits West Coast producer Eyedee for the soundscape and fellow Baltimore artist, 1/2 of The Tutelage, Jay Royale with cuts by DJ TMB.