Meet Elzhi & Khrysis’ Alter Ego — Jericho Jackson

A couple of days ago, the all new hip hop duo, Jericho Jackson (Elzhi and Khrysis), dropped their self-titled joint project for the world to drool over. Kicking off their album with Self Made as their leadoff single, it’s apparent that these two are sticking around for a while. With a perfect combination of slick lyrics and dope beats, why wouldn’t they? El and Khrys’ styles both gel so well together. You can hear it in their sound that this has been their calling since 12th grade. Self Made is powerfully smooth, as El flexes his wordplay muscles over the infamous LafayetteAfro Rock Band sax looped by Khrys. For those of you with amnesia, El is reminding you from jump what a true lyricist is made of:

Self made since twelfth grade, this my calling
Every jewel I drop is money out the sky falling
El is that nigga, some of y’all forgotten what I’m jotting
My pen bleed while yours be blood clotting

Without further ado, check out the duos first visuals under the group Jericho Jackson. Here’s Self Made:


The Jericho Jackson is on some soulful, sunny day, pimp shit for the slums. I listen to music differently, so I like to analyze and decipher the messages. Elzhi has layers to his songs, so I keep his music in rotation. Khrysis’ impeccable production adds a unique sound that compliments Elzhi’s vocals. There is no doubt that Khrysis has always been dope with it. But the production on this project just resonates with me on another level. It’s like an eclectic mix between Dilla and Nas, mixed with a twist of Common. I like the melancholy melodic joints like “Listen” too. That’s the type of track I love hearing Elzhi glide on. These are the type of tunes he shines on because of his wordplay. And Khrysis’ drums give the smooth samples that rugged edge that makes for great hip hop.

The beat on the track titled “Seventeen” thumps as Elzhi tells a tale of a young black man trying to make it past the age of 17. The content is really deep, and we need more music like this. On another note, we have the song “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, which is one my favorite joints on here because I can relate it. In the world of social media friends, you have to be able to recognize the difference between true and false. It’s all an illusion. Every time you listen, your ear collects frozen “Breguets”. This joint is filled with ill oneliners like, “you ’bout as common as a flurry in Missouri” and “I’m the heir to the throne strong enough to knock the crown off the current king”.

I miss the days where you felt the the beats so much that you wanted to rhyme over them. For example, who didn’t enjoy rhyming over interludes on a Pete Rock & CL Smooth album? This album will give you that same feel. It’ll compell you to spit along with the tracks. I have to admit, Jericho Jackson’s project has a sound I really dig. Overall, this is a strong project a true hip hop head would want to add to their playlist.

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